Tuesday, August 18, 2015

City to adopt new agriculture technology

THE Davao City Government will adapt a new technology developed by Israel in a bid to boost the agriculture sector in terms of production.
This after the Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ICCP) and the City Government of Davao entered into an agreement Sunday for the utilization of the new technology dubbed as Israeli Greenhouse Technology.

The new technology was presented by Gur Lavi, an Israel-based agriculture company, to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Eyal Ben Ari, ICCP president and Gur Lavi chair, said in Monday's edition of Kapehan Sa Dabaw that they are willing to contribute to the Philippine agriculture progress through the introduction of a “greenhouse technology.”

"We met with Mayor Duterte and the result is positive, Duterte is very determined to adopt the technology in Davao," he said.

The greenhouse technology facility will be constructed in Mintal or Calinan, the site is still up for confirmation. Once realized, it will be the first in Mindanao. At present it is already applied in San Pablo City and Tagaytay.

"The first unit here in Davao will be constructed in two or three months from now, maybe in Calinan or Mintal. It will initially be planted with cucumber," former North Cotabato governor and city consultant Manny PiƱol said.

He also said that the facility is a 272 square meter (sqm.) in area. The facility costs $70 per sqm.

Gur Lavi agronomist Beatriz Cortes explained the specifications of the new technology.

"The advanced greenhouse construction currently used in Israel includes galvanized steel, shade nets made of aluminum that reflects the unwanted heat and automatically in reaction to sunlight, curtains, skylights, and quality insects net. Modern greenhouses are higher, being five meters higher at their lowest point and the span width reaching 9.6 meters," she said.

She added that the new technology and facility has an innovative system on ventilation, circulation, light, humidity and temperature which are essential in climate control for better production.
The greenhouse structure has three different types, these are single, double and triple arch.

In a comparative analysis conducted by Gur Lavi, data showed that only 4,000 kilograms per year can be produced by the Philippine traditional agriculture in every 1,000 hectares (has). While with the Israeli Greenhouse technology intervention it will reach up to 45,000 kilograms with the same land area of 1,000 has.

Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/business/2015/08/17/city-adopt-new-agriculture-technology-425203
Written by: Ace June Rell S. Perez

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