Friday, October 16, 2015

Mobile App as Your Farm Manager

A mobile application for smartphones will a virtual farming assistant for farmers is currently being developed by the Philippine Rice Research Institute. AgriDoc App has farm journals, farm management tools as features and it can also control advanced instruments in farms.  

Targeted for launch next year, the AgriDoc App features knowledge links, farm journals, and farm management tools. It can also control advanced instruments in the farm. Users of the app can record farm activities, farm input monitoring, a scheduler for far tasking and activities sorting and can be used as a diagnostic tool in farm management.  

All of these can be considered the core function of the app,” Philrice researcher Nehemiah L. Caballong said.

The app’s ability to monitor and control advanced farming instruments are being worked on by the developers of the app.

Testing of the prototypes are now being conducted at FutureRicefram at PhilRice in partnership with the Climate Change Center and the Information Division.

A water level sensing device which collects real time data and monitors water deficiency in the rice field, a field weather monitoring station to gather weather forecast to warn users with heavy downpours of rain, and an agronomic data sensing device that detects paddy temperature are among its features.

Data collection can be maximized by using drone technology and also it tracks growth patterns, color detection for nutrient management and infestation my pests. There is also a CCTV system for security and monitoring. 

Marian Rikka O. Añora, field manager of FutureRice farm, said the app is also helpful for rice extension workers because the rice knowledge bank can also be accessed.

“It can be a model for IT experts or companies to replicate. We want people to know that there are business opportunities when IT and agriculture merge as one,” as disclosed by the field manager..

The AgriDoc App is funded under the project Improving Technology Promotion and Delivery through Capability Enhancement of Next-Gen Rice Extension Professionals and Other Intermediaries (IPaD) and Future Rice Program. 

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