Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Towards Competitive Philippine Corn in the ASEAN Integration

The integration of ASEAN economies in the immediate future poses challenges to the Philippine corn industry. The Department of Agriculture together with local government units are endeavouring to enable local corn farmers to attain sustainable production of high quality corn for both white and yellow varieties.

Assistant Secretary Edilberto de Luna of the Department of Agriculture (DA) said that local governments are reliable and dependable partners in the implementation of strategies and programs that will enhance development in agriculture. It is with the assistance of local chief executives that national programs can trickle down to the rural areas and benefit those who really need assistance.

The DA launched the National Corn Quality Achievers Awards to give recognition to local government in mentoring and assisting the local corn farmers and other stakeholders in the industry. The local government unit that is most consistent in implementing the policies and programs that leads to increased productivity of high grade corn is cited for the award.

Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) are those who quietly work in the background of the corn industry by serving as on-site teachers and providers of technical assistance to corn growers that range from production, post-production and marketing are given recognition for their efforts that mostly goes unnoticed.

Tomorrow, October 22, 2015, the DA awards one hundred men and women who continue to perform their duties and services to uplift the local corn sector.

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