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Growth Industry: Philippine Native Pig Raising and Breeding

The Native Pig Industry Association of the Philippines is going full blast towards 2016. During their seminar on Effective Management for native pig breeding and raising held at the Quezon Memorial Circle last November 28, 2015, Mr. Ferds S. Medina welcomed new members of the industry association and conducted a seminar on native hog raising.

The topics included were native hog identification and physical characteristics, economic outlook on the native pig industry and tips on feeding, weaning, proper housing, health maintenance and even marketing.

The seminar also put emphasis on feeding and weaning of native piglets. The right mixture of organic and inorganic feeds was discussed at length by Mr. Medina. The need to give the native pigs access to ranging areas so that they could avail themselves on organic food.  Included in the presentation were local food sources and the kind of feeds that are ideal for native hogs.

The selection of native pigs based on proper physical characteristics were discussed as well and an important section on the health maintenance of the hogs. Common diseases were featured and the necessary steps in managing the health of the animals.

Another subject that generated interest was the EcoPig Landless Farming Program. This program allows those who do not have farmlands or a piggery compound to engage in the raising and breeding of native pigs thus generating revenues from their investment. This was crafted so as to take advantage of the potentials of the native pig industry.

The advantages of raising and breeding native pigs is that it is highly sought for the lechon industry, high value meat, adapted to native conditions, economic advantages, relatively healthy (its cholesterol content is less than the commercial breeds) and it is “organic” in nature.

The target market includes:

Lechon industry
Medical Research

Its meet products can be made into:

Organic Pork Meat 

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