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Agricultural Policies of 2016 Presidential Candidates

With the Philippine economy experiencing unprecedented growth in the past few years, there have been observations that the growth benefitted very few. There was no “inclusivity” cited. This goes par for the course since the current drivers of economic growth were the services and manufacturing sector followed by the real estate sector. What was left behind was the agricultural sector. This sector is found in the rural areas where 60% of the Philippine population resides.

It is important that aspirants for the highest position of the land have policies and programs that will address the economic needs of the rural population and propel the agricultural sector into growth such as the services and manufacturing sectors.

Hereunder are the policies of the 2016 presidential candidates:

Jojo Binay

1.    Transfer  some of the functions of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to a new Department of  Natural Resources (DNR).
2.    Promotion of new high yielding crops and introduction of new seeds
3.    Abolition of Irrigation Fee
4.    Widen the coverage of crop insurance
5.    Subsidy for fertilizers, farm tools and pesticides
6.    Establish community seed banks
7.    Easier access to loans by farmers
8.    Continuation of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)

Rodrigo Duterte

1.    Priority of agriculture in the national budget
2.    Crop plan for every region
3.    Mindanao railway system
4.    Construction of more farm-to-market roads
5.    Abolition of irrigation fee
6.    Post harvest facilities and “Bagsakan” terminals
7.    Establishment of Credit Cooperatives for farmers
8.    Continuation of the 4Ps

Grace Poe

1.    Priority of agriculture in the national budget
2.    Establishment of agro-industrial zones
3.    Establishment of community seed banks
4.    Post-harvest facilities
5.    Abolition of irrigation fee
6.    Scholarships for children of farmers
7.    Continuation of 4Ps

Mar Roxas

1.    Continuation of policy in clustering of farmers
2.    Post-harvest facilities
3.    Construction of bridges and farm-to-market roads
4.    Easier access to loans for farmers
5.    Continuation of 4Ps

Miriam Santiago

1.    Invest in research and technology for agriculture
2.    Introduction of new seeds and new farming tools
3.    National Flood Insurance program for farmers
4.    Improve water impounding facilities
5.    Continue 4Ps

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