Friday, April 1, 2016

Raffy Alunan III bats for Philippine Agriculture

Rafael M. Alunan III is currently a candidate for the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines. Among the host of candidates, Mr. Alunan is one of the very few who have the vision needed for Philippine agriculture. The 60% of those who live below the poverty line in the country liove in the rural areas and having a comprehensive program for the agricultural sector will ensure that economic growth will be “inclusive”.

Raffy Alunan III intends to  file is a comprehensive agriculture development bill that:

1.)    Incentivizes farmers to shift to modern farming technologies with the goal of maximizing productivity and minimizing cost for profit optimization;

2.)    Provides capacity building, financial and technical assistance to land reform beneficiaries, with disincentives to public and private institutions that do not fulfill their expected responsibilities;

3.)    Provides incentives for agro-eco tourism area development inclusive of ecological protection, farm-to-market roads, storage and distribution centres, transport facilities and trouble-free environment in the highways;

4.)    Provides incentives for joint-venture marketing, from farm produce to finished products, for the local and global markets.

5.)    Provides incentives to learning institutions that will provide a comprehensive course dedicated to the revival of the agricultural sector as powerful engine of growth and sustainable development.

According to Raffy Alunan III “we need to expand our wealth creation capabilities and reduce our economic risks to reverse the diaspora and wrestle down the poverty problem. Only when our families are reunited and have enough in their pockets can we accelerate the task of nation-building for our children”.

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