Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Going Nuts with Peanuts

Boron is one of the seven micronutrients required for normal growth and development of plants. It promotes proper cell division, cell elongation, cell wall strength, flowering, pollination, seed set, and sugar translocation. 

Based on recent studies, the combined application of Boron (Solubor Borax and Fertibor) significantly increased peanut yield, contributing yield increment of 627-693 kg/ha for BPI Pn 9 variety, 709-1,097 kg/ha for NSICPn 15 (Asha) variety, and 1,641-1,907 kg/ha for NSIC Pn 14 (Namnama 2) variety.

This yield increment can be translated to an increase in income ranging from P5,000/ha to P33,000/ha depending on the prevailing farm gate price of the peanut at harvest. Economic analysis however, showed that it is economical to use Solubor Borax in single application at the rate of 500 g/ha giving a marginal benefit cost ratio (MBCR) of 5.89%, 9.17%, and 7.74% for BPI Pn 9, NSIC Pn 14, and NSIC Pn 15 variety, respectively. Boron application also reduced the number of unfilled pods by 15–44%.


• Increases crop yield

• Improves root nodule development for more nitrogen fixation and protein


• Produces and retain more flowers and pegs

• Enhances calcium utilization

• Translocates more sugars and protein from leaves to nuts

• Prevents“hollow heart”(internal nut damage with discolored and damaged


Target Beneficiaries

• Peanut growers

• Low-income farmers in corn, rice, coconut and fruit crops-based farming

systems/ communities

• Low-income farmers in sandy soils and lahar-laden areas

• Agri-entrepreneurs (seed growers and food processors)


• Cagayan and Isabela

• Tarlac and Pampanga

Partner Institutions

• DA – RFO 02/ Cagayan Valley Research Center

• DA – RFO 03/ Central Luzon Integrated Agricultural Research Center

• Pampanga State Agricultural University

• Tarlac College of Agriculture

Source: Readings from DOT-PCAARRD

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