Thursday, May 11, 2017

DOST Intends to Boost PH Corn Production

Corn is the number 2 staple of the Philippine population. According to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Not only that but corn is also the prime component of animal feeds that the livestock industry uses.

In this regard, DOST Region 2 is endorsing the establishment of a Research and Development Institution for Philippine corn.

Introduced by the Spaniards from Latin America during the colonial period, corn has managed to be prevalently cultivated throughout the country because of soil conditions and climate.

“Corn is the second most important national food crop just behind rice. We have the Philrice or the Philippine Rice Research Institute despite us already being home to the IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) but surprisingly, we do not have a PhilCorn or a RDI (R&D institution) specifically for corn,” according to Engr. Sancho Mabborang, DOST Region 2 Director.

.Engr. Mabborang added that other Philippie crops such as coconut, tobacco, sugarcane, abaca, and even livestock raising have their own R&D Institutes already.

Cagayan province in Region 2 is among the top corn producing areas in the country together with Isabela province which is considered as the Corn Capital of the Philippines.

That was the reason given for the establishment of a Research and Development Institution for corn by DOST Region 2.

Isabela province, being the country’s top corn producer is the logical choice to be the location of the proposed corn institution. The Isabela State University or the CVResearch Consortium of the Department of Agriculture can be the main office of the R&D institution.

But branches and/or satellite offices can be established since corn is widely cultivated in the country.

Along with the proposal is therequired funding of Php400 million as start up for operations and administration of the proposed PhilCorn Institute. This will unify, coordinate, fund and implement all projects and programs related to corn farming and systems.

This will also allow technology transfer and technology sharing to enhance and further develop the resources needed by poor farming communities so as to increase yeild and income. 

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