Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Emergency Rice?

Biotech Japan Chairman, Kiyosoda Egawa (Right) with the author at the NSTW.

Emergency Rice? Yes, you read that right. Rice that can be used for emergencies such as disasters and calamities. This rice comes in a package that is easily opened but has a shelf life of 3 ½ years. This can be part of emergency and disaster preparations and part of the relief packages that are distributed. This rice needs no longer be boiled or cooked.

Emergency Rice is but part of a line of products of Biotech Japan (BTJ). By using fermentation technology that uses 3,000 strains of lactic acid bacteria, Biotech Japan is one of the leaders in Food Technology that has a wide range of uses and benefits.

Such products are the following:

1. Protein Adjusted Food. This is for those who are needing food that will benefit their diet according to prescriptions by dieticians and doctors. 

2. Emergency Rice.

3. Echigo. A pre-cooked protein-reduced rice for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

4. Low-Cal Rice.  Intended for diabetics and those who prefer a low-calorie diet.

5. Insta-Rice. A pre-cooked rice with a 1-year shelf life.

Also, during the National Science and Technology Week, BTJ had in its display several products from its research facility in the country. It is undertaking research and development with PhilRice and has come up with products such as rice based bread and other rice based snacks that are considered health food.  

Further development of BTJs products will have a profound impact on healthy eating and benefits to disaster risk reduction and management.

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