Monday, August 28, 2017

Experimental Integrated Farm in Northern Luzon

An experimental integrated farm is being developed in Northern Luzon. The 10-hectare farm will be one of the first such integrated farms in the country. 

Tha main feature of the integrated farm is that it will harvest fruits and crops the whole year round. Unlike traditional farms, it is not subjected to 2 farming cycles. The integrated farm will have vegetables as well as fruit trees that will provide a year-round harvest for the farm.

Already, the farm has planted vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, ampalaya (bitter gourd), as well as spices like onions and garlic, sili, sitaw and kalabasa.
Sitaw Poles

Aside from the vegetable, fruit trees have already been planted that is projected to yield harvests of mangoes, lanzones, grapes, Dragon Fruit, Durian, Rambutan and other fruit bearing trees. Legumes such as peanuts have also been planted.

The technological advantage is that it has 3 deep wells for irrigation that will be wholly powered by solar panels to be installed in the far, experimental wind driven turbines are also being considered for its off-grid power supply. Also, newly developed monitoring systems for measuring soil moisture and even rain forecasting equipment will be part of an integrated monitoring system. 

Aside from fruits and vegetables, livestock such as goats, carabaos, and cows are already in the experimental farm. 

The first harvest is expected this October 2017 and a cycle of 3 months harvest for the vegetables is expected.

The current experimental location for the fruit bearing trees is 800 square meters.

Also, a golf driving range is already existing in the development.

Lanzones seedlings ready for planting

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