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Smart Manage your Poultry Farm

The recent Avian Flu outbreak in Pampanga has brought the urgency to have better farm monitoring and management solutions. Technology together with traditional farm techniques must be brought together to gain further productivity and safety for both poultry and livestock and also with farm workers and owners.

In the Philippines, a Farm Management Solution was developed by a startup from the University of the Philippines. The system is called Farm Watch. 

Farm Watch features systems that include the following:

1. Essential Poultry Farm Monitoring System
2. Remote Monitoring
3. Emergency SMS Warnings and Critical Status Reports
4. Free Data Representation and Analysis Tools
5. Easy to Install and Configure System Operation
6. Has Back-up Power System
7. Modular, upgradeable and Extendable

It also has no need for farm-installed internet connection for remote monitoring since it is based on SMS updates and reports.

The system is composed of a wireless sensor hub, a remote hub and sensors installed in a standard 160m X 36m poultry building. There are six sensors installed in 1 building.

Farm Watch sensors monitor 3 critical aspects in a poultry building:


1. Temperature
2. Relative Humidity
3. Carbon Dioxide levels 
4. Ammonia levels

Health and Consumption

1. Weight
2. Feeds
3. Water


1. Fly Count
2. Hydrogen Sulfide levels

These will enable the farmers and workers to be given data critical to the above-mentioned aspects of a poultry farm.

Farm Watch contact numbers are (+632) 981-8500 local 3363

Farm Watch conducts free farm assessment. Farm Watch office is located at 3F NEC Building, UP Diliman, Quezon City

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