Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PH Poultry Industry Recovering

The resiliency of the country’s poultry industry is now showing. This is despite the avian influenza outbreak in Pampanga last August 2017. 

This was disclosed by the Samahan ng Industriyan Agrikultura (SINAG) Chairperson Rosenda So. 

Citing that prices of poultry have returned to normal and that sales have been also normal.

The only factor left is that the sale of oversized chickens has yet to normalize. These were left in freezers during the crisis and that consumer behavior preferred chickens that never exceed 1 kilo. This was cited since it is more consumers prefer to buy those weighing 1 kilo due to budget constraints.

The poultry industry was hit by avian influenza that necessitated the quarantine of San Luis, Pampanga when 3 poultry farms registered 100% mortality in their farms due to the avian influenza epidemic.

This also resulted in the prohibition of shipping poultry from Luzon to other islands in the country. This resulted in the live weight of chicken being sold to as low as Php32.00 per kilo during the time.

The Department of Agriculture  9DA) and the Department of Health (DOH) quickly managed the outbreak and has prevented the spread of the epidemic.

It was also determined that the flu strain does not affect humans. But still, quarantine procedures were effected so as to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

In a show of support for the poultry industry, even President Rodrigo Duterte partook of chicken meals so as to assuage fears that poultry products are dangerous.

Nevertheless, 200,000 chickens, birds, and other fowls were culled in the affected areas. 

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