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PeacePond: Sustainable Organic Farming

A 2-hectare organic farm in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental is proving the sustainability of best agricultural and environmental practices.

PeacePond rose from what was formerly a fishpond that dated back to the 1960s. The fishpond then used chemical fertilizers and is the direct opposite of what it is today. 

Typhoon Frank devastated the fishpond in 2008 and the farmers noted the environmental concerns that went with it. They then transformed the once chemical dependent fishpond into an organic, environmentally friendly farm with five fishponds.

The organic farm is surrounded by coconut trees which is included in the entire 5-hectare farm wherein the 2-hectare organic farm is located. One of the 5 ponds has been converted into a mangrove plantation.

PeacePond is a showcase of best practices in farming such as crop rotation, intercropping, ran shelter, terracing, and multi-cropping. Year-round crop rotation of vegetables and is based in the Calendar for planting provided by the Department of Agriculture. 

One of the notable features of the farm is its Zero-Carbon Footprint for its irrigation system. Not using electric pumps for water distribution, PeacePond utilizes recycled bicycle parts in delivering water to 3 reservoir drums to 40 vegetable plots. Also, a rain catchment drums are utilized in providing water to the Organic Food Garden and the Organic Fertilizer Production.

Fertilizers are produced from agricultural wastes that are also used for pesticides, rodenticides, and compost.  

PeacePond also manufactures its own vinegar from coconut so as to utilize his important component in making pesticides as well as using natural insect repellents such as lemongrass in insect and pest control. 

PeacePond also conducted eco-tours that were undertaken last October 2016 to July 2017. The harvest from PeacePond includes the following:

1. Coconuts
2. Copra
3. Bangus
4. Virgin Coconut Oil
5. Vegetables
6. CocoSugar
7. Vermicast
8. CRH

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