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Asian Fisheries Academy Honors 2 Filipino Aquaculturists

Dr. Guerrero and Dr. Maximo Abesamis being feted by he AFA

Rafael Guerrero and Maximo Abesamis received citations at the Asian Fisheries Academy (AFA). The honors were conferred by the Society of Aquaculture Engineers of the Philippines (SAEP) and the Philippine Aquaculture Society,  Inc. (PAS). 

Rafael Guerrero is considered as the promoter of all-male tilapia culture in the country. Together with his wife, Guerrero in the 1980s formed a research and development company that provided sex reversal feed that will boost commercial production of tilapia despite the fact that the tilapia were all male.

This was from his doctoral dissertation at Auburn University during the 1970s and then was continued at the Central Luzon State University. This resulted in increased yields in tilapia farms.

Guerrero is a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award and has also received various recognitions and awards from local and international institutions.

Maxio Abesamis introduced the modular system in milkfish culture. Abesamis has also been instrumental in introducing Gusathion and Brestan to control snails and other microorganisms that are harmful to milkfish culture and farming. His system was proven to be efficient that up to now, almost all fishpond operators are using the same method. 

An awardee of the Ten Outstanding Young Scientists (TOYS) award in 1980 conferred by the National Science and Development Board (NSDB), he pioneered the system of bangus production in fishpens that were initially undertaken in Dagupan City, Pangasinan which was widely replicated in the country. 

But Abesamis also discovered that bangus and salmon had similar characteristics and it was also applied to mass producing salmon in ocean cages.

These contributions led to sustainable growth in the fishing industry.

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