Friday, June 8, 2018

Use Technology in Agriculture – Experts

Currently, the average age of the Filipino farmer is between 57 – 59 years old. Clearly, there is not enough new blood entering agriculture as a profession. This is a bleak image of our country’s agriculture industry and national food security.

Profitability, intensive labor and sustainability give off negative indicators to many Filipinos. But experts at the recently held Innovative Olympics 2018 cited that technology can be and is the answer to these concerns. 

“This sad reality results in our young people’s disenchantment of pursuing a career in agriculture,” said East-West Seeds Philippines general manager Henk Hermans. Farmers are the second poorest sector in the country he also added.

The resistance of farmers in using technology also adds to the decline of agriculture and crop yields. Also, the continuation of outdated farming methods holds back productivity.

The Innovation Olympics aims to make agriculture attractive to the youth by showcasing technology and new farming techniques backed up by results of higher output and increased revenues.

By appealing to students and youth with various backgrounds that sustainable solutions can be made on agriculture, making farming a profession will be fulfilling for them especially if technology is utilized.

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